Prof. Marco Bocciolone (Head)
Phone: 02.2399.8490
E-mail: marco.bocciolone(at)

Prof. Marco Giglio (Deputy Head)
Phone: 02.2399.8234
E-mail: marco.giglio(at)

Prof.ssa Bianca Maria Colosimo (Deputy Head for Research, PhD)
Phone: 02.2399.8522
E-mail: biancamaria.colosimo(at)

Prof. Roberto Corradi (Internationalisation)
Phone: 02.2399.8493
E-mail: roberto.corradi(at)

Prof. Francesco Ferrise (Policies for young researchers, research lines and department interactions)
Phone: 02.2399.8232
E-mail: francesco.ferrise(at)

Prof.ssa Nora Lecis (Culture, sport, equal opportunities, social responsibility programmes)
Phone: 02.2399.8268
E-mail: nora.lecis(at)

Prof. Carlo Gorla (Training)
Phone: 02.2399.8290
E-mail: carlo.gorla(at)

Ing. Stefano Petrņ (Scientific references, accreditation and revision processes)
Phone: 02.2399.8590
E-mail: stefano.petro(at)

Dott. Luciano Rinaldi (Administrative Connection)
Phone: 02.2399.8244
E-mail: luciano.rinaldi(at)

Ing. Alessandro Tosi (Administrative Manager)
Phone: 02.2399.8255
E-mail: alessandro.tosi(at)

Prof. Emanuele Zappa (Communication)
Phone: 02.2399.8445
E-mail: emanuele.zappa(at)

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