09-22-2015 10:00

Open Day Laboratory on Fiber Optic Sensors - September 22

Dear colleagues,
on September 22 the open day of the interdepartmental laboratory LAFOS (Laboratory on Fiber Optic Sensors) will be organized in Bovisa Campus. It will be an opportunity to present the activities and potential of the laboratory to the whole University.
Our desire is to create a first opportunity to illustrate the possibilities of fiber optic technology and a place where colleagues of the University can find partners who are active in the field. We'll be available to help you understand if and how the interdepartmental laboratory can become useful for your research.

Fiber optic sensors are a technologically advanced solution for particularly complex applications, allowing measures that conventional sensors can not perform. The boom in commercial and scientific production confirms the strategic importance.

The event will be located in campus Bovisa, building BL27, ground floor, from h10 to h18, on September 22.
You will find demos of fiber optic technology applied in many fields of engineering.
We offer a short introductory course onfiber opticmeasurement systems, that will be repeated in the morning (11 am) and afternoon (3 pm). If you are interested in attending this course, please write to: lorenzo.comolli(at)

We hope to meet you on September 22. See you soon.

The members of the Management Committee of LAFOS: Francesco Ballio, Mario Martinelli, Ferruccio Resta, Giuseppe Sala