33rd cycle call - Closed

The 33rd cycle call for application is closed.

Scholarships and eligibility

Within our 33rd cycle doctoral call fully-funded positions are available for Italian and international applicants. Candidates with scholarship (1.200 Euro/month-net amount) benefit from extra-funding (500 euro/month) for research periods abroad.

Non-funded positions are also available; candidates without scholarship can apply yearly for DSU financial support here.

All positions (with and without scholarship) benefit from financial aid for study materials and conference fees (1.370 /year, during II and III year).

All graduate students holding a University Degree equivalent to a Master of Science (min. duration 5 years) obtained before enrolment deadline can submit application to our PhD Programme.

Fully-funded PhD positions and proposed research fields are available in four research areas:

How to Apply

You can submit your application for admission to our PhD Programme through our online admissions system here.

You must attach a complete CV, detailed project proposal and English Language proficiency certification.

Candidates meeting or predicted to meet the eligibility requirements will be reviewed by a Selection Panel, composed by Faculty members.

A quick overlook of application procedure major deadlines and timetable is available here.

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