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Secretary's Office of the RL Machine and Vehicle Design
Licia Simonelli
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Role and career position: Full Professor, School of Industrial Engineering (Bovisa), Department of Mechanical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, e-mail: .
Field research: Structural integrity evaluation on aircraft and mechanical structures by means of Structural Health Monitoring; Assessment of ballistic impact damage on components and structures; Calibration of constitutive laws for metallic materials; Expected fatigue life and crack propagation behaviour on aircraft structures and components; Fatigue design with defects.
Publications: Author of 68 publications in international journals and more than 100 publications in international and national conference proceedings (H-index: 15).
Research funding and technology transfer: coordinator of European projects EDA HECTOR "Helicopter Fuselage Crack Monitoring and prognosis through on-board sensor" 2009-2011, and ASTYANAX "Aircraft fuselage crack Monitoring System and Prognosis through eXpert on-board sensor networks" 2012-2015, responsible for project units of Project Lombardy Region-MIUR “DE -LIGHT DE- Icing System for LIGHT -Intermediate Class Helicopters” 2012-2014, project leader of the Italian Ministry of Defence project in the National Plan of Military Research “SUMO Development of a predictive model for the ballistic impact " and “SUMO 2 Development of an analytical, numerical and experimental methodology for design of ballistic multilayer protections” 2011-2017, various research contracts with companies operating in different sectors of technology (total amount of POLIMI budget involved in the last ten years more than 5 MEuro).
Scientific projects reviewer: Reviewer of regional and national projects for MIUR in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (PRIN calls 2010-2011 and FIRB 2012, PON "R & C" 2007-2013); Expert inserted in the Register of MIUR 2011.
Academic assignments: Deputy Director and member of the Scientific Committee of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.