The main researches carried out by the MTM research group include:

  • new measurement techniques development and testing;
  • vision-based measurements, with particular reference to: thermal imaging for diagnostic purposes, displacement and strain measurements with 3D Digital Image Correlation (DIC) in static and dynamic conditions, 3D biometrics for security, 3D scanner calibration techniques, structures and cables vibration monitoring;
  • 24/7 structural monitoring mainly for building health assessment relying on static and dynamic parameters measurement;
  • measurement for space: instrument design, optical/near-infrared instruments development, analysis and correction of measurement data;
  • acoustic measurements: sound source localization, active, semi-active and passive noise control;
  • whole body and hand-arm vibration for the assessment of the vibration exposure of people and design optimisation bound to the reduction of the vibration transmitted to the users;
  • electro-mechanical interaction and renewable energy (harvester efficiency characterization and renewable energy).