One of the foremost research areas of the line “Dynamics and Vibrations” deals with the theoretical and experimental study of motion and dynamics of mechanical systems as well as their interaction with control systems. In particular, specific research subjects concern vibration mechanics, also considering the set of problems connected with acoustic emission and noise control, mechanics of land vehicles (road and rail), fluid-structure interaction, machine drive and control, dynamics and diagnostics of rotating machines and robot mechanics.
Departmental laboratories include a test-bed for full-scale pantograph-catenary contact, a “hardware in the loop” test-bed to study rail pantographs, a test span for overhead electrical lines, a test-bed for the dynamic analysis of rotating shafts and a test rig to study hydrodynamic lubricated bearings. Additional activities include experimental research at the Politecnico di Milano wind tunnel.

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Head of the RL
Prof. Federico Cheli
Phone: +39.02.2399.8462
Fax: +39.02.2399.8492
E-mail: federico.cheli(at)

Simona Pozzali
Phone: +39.02.2399.8494
Fax: +39.02.2399.8492
E-mail: simona.pozzali(at)

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