The Research Line “Materials” deals with the study of engineering materials, through the systematic examination of the existing connections between chemical composition, structure, properties, development and transformation processes, performance under operating conditions and failure analysis. 
The main research topics cover a number of different spheres, from the problems involved in the manufacture of steels and cast iron to the characterization of special and stainless steels; from fracture mechanics to fatigue resistance phenomena; from the failure, under operating conditions, of mechanical components to problems concerning the resistance of materials at high temperatures; from the metallurgy of aluminium and non-ferrous alloys to subjects regarding corrosion resistance; from surface treatments/coatings to problems regarding the welding and coupling of metallic materials; from hot permanent set processes to foundry; from powder metallurgy to problems of numerical/experimental thermodynamics applied to iron metallurgy production and melting furnace plants. 
Other research topics refer to new materials, recently introduced into the mechanical industry, such as titanium alloys, compounds with a metallic, ceramic or polymeric matrix, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies.??

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Prof. Maurizio Vedani
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Cinzia Farina
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