Founded in: 2005

Sector: Mechanical Engineering
Activity: T.I.Ve.T deals with the design, development and industrial use of innovative passive, semi-active and actively controlled and regulated systems for aircraft, maritime vehicles, road vehicles, trains and vehicles for special applications.
In particular, its aim is to develop active dampers for vehicles in order to improve both performance and safety. At present, the company is involved in the development of rail vehicle systems.
Product under development: An active anti-yaw electromechanical damper.
Reference market: Automotive.
Contact: ferruccio.resta(at)polimi.it
Sito web: www.gimonmsa.it/en/rd/tivet.htm


Founded in: 2006

Sector: Industrial and Power Electronics
Activity: MCM’s line of business consists in the development, design and supply of digital control and static energy conversion systems that can be used as critical components in various applications for energy saving purposes. The cornerstone
 of MCM technology is the Universal Digital Control System providing an advanced interface for the public electricity network for Distributed Generation systems.This interface is suitable for all sources including wind power, photovoltaic and gas-fired microgeneration plants as well as mini hydroelectric plants.
Products: Digital controllers, static energy converters, electronic power feeders, special drives for electrical machines electric engines.
Reference Market: Distributed electric generation plants, from renewable
and alternative sources (wind power, photovoltaic, gas-fired micro-cogeneration and mini hybrid power plants), electronics for energy efficiency, electric traction for vehicles and laboratory instrumentation and equipment.
Contact: info(at)mcmenergylab.com 
Website: www.mcmenergylab.com

ISS – Innovative Security Solutions

Founded in: 2006

Sector: 3D robot guidance, product and process quality control
Activity: ISS has a broad expertise in various methodologies related to measurement for industry (2D and 3D vision, active triangulation
, time-of-flight and 
traditional sensors
) and in the most advanced data analysis techniques. In particular, ISS develops and markets high-technology solutions for:

  • robot guidance for bin-picking
  • product and process quality control.

These two application fields are tightly connected, as they share measurement
and analysis methodologies. Moreover,
they are the basis of effective flexible manufacturing systems, which are more and more important to be able to compete in the current global market. The most relevant ISS product is 3D CPS (3D Control and Picking Solution): this is an embedded 3D robot guidance system which integrates a laser scanner and an on-board intelligence, so being able to perform all
the 3D measurement and analysis tasks needed to estimate the poses of the parts present in the bin. This product may be
the key to solve machine loading problems in flexible manufacturing systems allowing capitalisation of the robot’s versatility, currently limited by a completely rigid mechanical periphery. In relation to product and process quality control, ISS is able to project innovative solutions customised on specific application needs. In particular regarding:

  • geometric conformity analysis;

  • assembly analysis;

  • surface integrity analysis;

  • alphanumeric characters reading by means of OCR algorithms.

Products: 3D CPS, customised solutions for product and process quality control.
Reference market: Industrial automation.
Contacts: info(at)issweb.it
Website: www.issweb.it


Founded in: 2012

Sector: Experimental Mechanics, Automotive.
Activity: SmartMechanical-Company has been created to exploit a number of patents originated within Politecnico di Milano.The products developed on the basis of the patents are: 

  • SM-InTenso+/SM-InTensino+: test systems able to measure the location of the centre of gravity and the inertia tensor of vehicles and subsystems, the main characteristics of the test systems are very high accuracy and limited testing time;
  • SM-LC: family of six axes force and torque sensors that include transducers and interface electronics able to measure accurately the three force and three torque components acting on a structural element (Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz);
  • SM-Wheel: family of six axes force and torque measuring wheels that include transducers and wireless interface.electronics designed for real time data acquisition on cars, heavy vehicles and motorcycles.

Products: Systems for measuring
the inertia tensor of rigid bodies (SM-InTenso+, SM-InTensino+). Six Axes Force & Torque Sensors, Measuring wheels (SM-Wheel) and load cells (SM-LC).
Reference market: Road vehicles, indoor road vehicle testing, laboratory instrumentation and equipment.
Contact: info(at)SmartMechanical-Company.it
Website: www.SmartMechanical-Company.it 


Founded in: 2012
Sector: Automotive
Activity: E-CO’s core business consists 
in the development, design, prototyping, production and system integration of hybrid conversion kits to obtain vehicles with low or no environmental impact in order to allow a sustainable mobility and a quick growth of the hybrid and electric market.
Products: Range Extender and Hybrid Transformation kit.
Reference Market: there are three target markets: production of kits
for the hybridisation of vehicles (“Transformers” market); “ad hoc” hybrid transformation of fleets of vehicles for standard and/or specific applications
 (PA, Corporate market), technology support (Design & Engineering) for hybrid systems for Manufactures/OEMs to develop own vehicles and subsystems.
Perspective: production of kits for private end users.
Contact: Ing. Paolo Bernardini.
Website: www.eco-hev.com