07- 3-2018 21:00

Cultural event: Dai campi di Cerere all’officina di Ford

On Tuesday July 3rd 2018 at the Department of Mechanical Engineering the cultural event Taiko Soundscape: dai campi di Cerere all’officina di Ford will take place at 9 pm

The show is a metaphor of human history. The main element and the main actor is rhythm, time and music, medium through which everything becomes and finds union.

The show originates from the synergy between the Taiko Lecco Association - with the participation of a dancer and other musicians - and Francesca Brambilla, curator of the Mechanical Culture cycle.

The frame of the event will be the space of the Large Infrastructure Testing Laboratory of the Department of Mechanics which will become not only a container but also and above all a content.

Flyer of the event can be found here