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Secretary's Office of the RL Measurements
Marcella Netti

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Born in Lecco (Italy) on June 2, 1978; MD in Mechanical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano (98/100); PhD cum laude in Engineering of Mechanical systems at Politecnico di Milano. Research experiences at the Nikola Tesla Institut, Belgrade and LMA, CNRS, Marseille.
Dr. Tarabini has expertise in analysis of parameters that influence hand-arm vibration measurements, models to predict data behaviour and measurement uncertainty. He has designed devices to reduce the vibration generated by hand-held tools transmitted to the workers and he has modelled the response of the human body exposed to hand-arm and whole-body vibration. He recently obtained a grant for the identification of the characteristics of smart shoes in order to prevent musculoskeletal and vascular disorders deriving from the vibration exposure. He is exploring the use of low-cost methods for monitoring the posture of workers at the workplace.
Dr. Tarabini completed research to optimize the sound intensity measurements using the two-microphone method. He used the measurement uncertainty to combine the different axes of 3D sound intensity probe to overcome the bandwidth limitation of the two-microphone method. He used the sound intensity to perform statistical analyses on the acoustic field in airports). Dr. Tarabini has also completed research on the sound field characteristics in actively controlled noisy enclosures.
Dr. Tarabini’s research program also extends to the design of mechanical systems for space. He has also performed mechanical and thermal simulations on different instruments for space missions.
Dr. Tarabini has authored more than 30 scientific works published in peer-reviewed journals and more than 70 papers published in conference proceedings. He has authored a book chapter on the response of the human body to vibration in extreme sports and a book on signal processing. He is a reviewer of more than 20 scientific Journal. The Journal of Sound and vibration awarded him as outstanding reviewer in 2016.