For information about learning please contact:

Faculty Administration Office
Phone +39 02.2399.8425
Fax +39 02.2399.8580

Conceived to get general information about the teaching activities of the Course of study in Mechanical Engineering, the abovementioned address is for all the Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science students

Conceived to get information regarding traineeships, the abovementioned address is for all the students of Mechanical Engineering and companies

The abovementioned address is for all the graduands in Mechanical Engineering

For general information about services and Departmental Offices: info-dmec(at) and Head Secretary phone number +39.02.2399.8494.


The certified e-mail address (PEC) is a tool giving an e-mail the same legal value as a traditional registered letter.

Department of Mechanical Engineering PEC address: pecmecc(at)

Please note that the PEC service has legal value only if both e-mail addresses, the sender's and the receiver's, are certified. For further information please go to DigitPa website (National Body for digitisation of Public Administration).