With the Ministerial Decree n. 1061 dated August 10th 2021, new ESF REACT-EU resources have been assigned for active and accredited PhD programs within the XXXVII cycle and for national doctoral programs.

The additional call for the XXXVII cycle is available on the PhD School website.

Candidates to our PhD programme can apply to one of the 12 research topic scholarships available (net amount €1,325 per month + scholarship raise in case of periods abroad and research budget) within the following research area:

Area 1. Advanced Materials and Smart Structures (5 scholarships):

Area 2. Sustainable Mobility (2 scholarships):

Area 3. Engineering Design and Manufacturing for the Industry of the Future (5 scholarships):

Candidates must apply within the online services of the Politecnico di Milano (please make sure you register in order to get your person code and password before applying): www.polimi.it - Tools - Online services - Application forms - Application for "bandi aggiuntivi" PhD programmes.

The deadline to apply is October 18th 2021 at 2:00 PM (Italian time)

Please click the link above in order to have more detailed information. If you need to learn more you can also write to phd-dmec(at)polimi.it.

The programme will start in November 2021.