3D acquisition through active and passive systems and measurement systems integration
Bovisa Campus, Building B23
via La Masa, 1 20156 Milano - Italy


3D Vision Lab is part of the Measurement and Experimental Techniques area, in the Mechanical Engineering Department. The main research fields of the group are based on non-contact measurements. The 3D Vision lab develops innovative and experimental solutions built on two and three dimension vision systems, like stereoscopy, structured light and time of flight cameras. Applications range from industrial to medical, but also in sports, nautical and forensic fields. The laboratory has the capacity to create their own prototypes, that generally pass through a metrological qualification before leading possibly to an industrial product.


SIGMA project, E-GATE project, SIRICA project, ABB, National Instrument, Milan A.C., Villa Beretta, Steriline, LABANOF, North Sails, Politecnico di Milano Wind tunnel

Instrumentation & Facilities

  • Different industrial cameras (Near InfraRed cameras, High Dynamic Range cameras, High Speed cameras, Industrial smart cameras).
  • Lighting solutions to enhance 2D vision-based measurements.
  • Stereoscopic systems to perform 3D measurements.
  • Structured Light and Time of Flight sensors for dense 3D point clouds reconstructions.
  • Anthropomorphic robot.


Industrial field

  • Development of 3D object recognitions based on different 3D vision systems for bin picking purposes.
  • Development of a stereoscopic vision system that permit the duplication of a sensorized tool movement with an industrial anthropomorphic robot.
  • Development of low cost thermo-cameras based on NIR and HDR cameras.
  • 2D and 3D measurements of mechanical parts for quality analysis.

Nautical field

  • Dense point cloud reconstructions and geometrical analysis of sail shapes both in wind tunnel and in full scale conditions.
  • Particle images velocimetry (PIV) with high-speed cameras in wind tunnel.
  • Non-contact measurements of objects displacement exposed to wind forces.

Sports and rehabilitation

  • Motion analysis and gesture recognition for post traumatic rehabilitation.
  • Motion measurement of a sportsman during particular exercises.
  • Measurement of cyclist motion during wind tunnel analysis.

Forensic applications

  • 3D face reconstruction based on sheet of light triangulation.
  • 3D measurement of crime scene.

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