Experimental tests for the evaluation of the dynamic properties of cables, dampers, spacers
Bovisa Campus, Building B13
via La Masa, 34 20156 Milano - Italy


The knowledge of the cable damping properties allows to correctly estimate, through numerical models, its response to external inputs such as the wind disturbance. Moreover, because of the small damping associated to this kind of structures and the consequent instability issues arising when they are immersed in force elds (e.g. cross wind), the use of suitable damper devices are often mandatory.


Test “Stockbridge Type Dampers Dynamic Characterisation” (Certificazione ISO9001:2008).
Test “Stockbridge Type Dampers Effectivness Test” (Certificazione ISO9001:2008).


Salvi Spa, Dervaux, Terna, Sadeven, Cariboni, Mosdorfe, Sefag-P sterer, Enel, EDF.

Instrumentation & Facilities

  • Gearing Watson electro-dynamical shaker + amplifier (V617/DSA4-8k).
  • Unholtz&Dickie electro-dynamical shaker + amplifier (SA15-S452).
  • B&K 1050 controller.
  • Electro-mechanic actuator for the “50m length” cable span tensioning.
  • HBM 250 kN load cell for the “50m length” cable span tensile load.
  • Kistler 30 kN piezoelectrical load cells for Stockbridge dissipative force.
  • B&K accelerometers for the cable and the Stockbridge vibratory state.
  • Strain gage for the cable stress close to the clamp.
  • Laser transducers for the cable nodes vibrations.
  • Accelerometers and load cells conditioning and amplifiers.


Cable self damping

  • Decay Method.
  • Power Method.
  • Inverse Standing Wave Ratio.

Stockbridge damping performances

  • Force vs displacement FRF.
  • Mechanical impedance.
  • Imposed constant speed or constant displacement.

Cable effectiveness test

  • Cable + damper damping test.

Spacers characterization

  • Stiffness and damping properties.
  • Hysteretic cycle.
  • Short circuit test.
  • Slip force test.

Lab Brochure