State-of-the-art Virtual and Augmented Reality technology, Computer Vision e Reverse Engineering
Bovisa Campus, Building B23
via La Masa, 1 20156 Milano - Italy


The Virtual Prototyping, Haptics and Reverse Engineering Lab is a laboratory for research and teaching equipped with state-of-the-art Virtual and Augmented Reality technology for almost all the senses: vision, hearing, touch and olfaction. The Lab is used for developing multisensory interactive virtual prototypes for product design, design review, and for simulation and testing purposes, real-time rendering on high performing workstations. It is also specialized in the Reverse Engineering pipeline for study, research and industrial applications: 3D devices for calibration and characterization, 3D acquisition and processing, reconstruction of CAD models based on 3D data. The 3D capturing equipment permits to acquire industrial components, structures, Cultural Heritage objects with a wide range of geometries, sizes and materials.


Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Comune di Milano - Castello Sforzesco, Comune di Milano - Civico Museo Archeologico

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