Support the Manufacturing and Production Systems research line
Bovisa Campus, Building B23
via La Masa, 1 20156 Milano - Italy


The Manufacturing Lab focuses on advanced manufacturing processes which are combined with the most advanced solutions to sense, monitor, control and inspect process and product quality, and the most innovative methods and tools for process and manufacturing system design, simulation, and optimization. The lab is currently organized in the following areas: SITEC Laboratory for Laser Applications, Micro Machining Laboratory and PoliMill Laboratory, Waterjet Laboratory, Geometrical Metrology and Quality Laboratory, and Manufacturing Systems Laboratory.
The lab is also hosting and leading some systems that are part of the AddME Lab – the laboratory on Metal Additive of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. It is also strongly linked with the inter-departmental labs AMALA (Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory) and MAD (Metal Additive Lab based on Electron beam melting).


ISO 9001:2008 certification for the following activities:

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) performance verification according to ISO 10360.
  • Masters calibration by means of CMM according to ISO 15530.
  • Calibration of non-automatic weighing instruments according to EURAMET Calibration Guide No. 18.
  • Calibration of Laser triangulator displacement sensors according to ASTM F2537.


Amada, Artsana, Biesse Group, BLM Group, Cappellini, Comau, Electrolux, GF Machining Solutions, Jobs, Leonardo Elicotteri, Mandelli, Marposs, MCM, Pirelli, Sandvik, Tenova S.p.A.

Instrumentation & Facilities

  • Ultra precision 5 axis CNC machining center Kern EVO.
  • Manufacturing Laser systems 3 kW IPG Ytterbium Fiber Laser.
  • Micro-Laser system with 1 mJ IPG Pulsed Ytterbium Fiber Lasers.
  • Water Jet cutting system Tecnocut IDRO 1740 with Flow intensifier pump up to 380 MPa.
  • Infrared camera FLIR SC3000 (Spectral range 8 ÷ 9 µm, T: -20 ÷ 1500 °C).
  • Piezoelectric Dynamometers for cutting forces measurement in turning and milling.
  • Alicona Infinite Focus micro coordinate measurement system (resolution up to 10 nm).
  • Zeiss Prismo 5 VAST MPS HTG coordinate measuring machine (E0,MPE = 2,0 + L/300 µm).
  • Microrep DMS 680 universal length measuring system (E0,MPE = 0,5 µm).
  • Virtual Factory Framework Virtual Reality Environment.


    MI_crolab - Micro Machining Laboratory

    • Test and analysis of micro tools.
    • Cutting strategy analysis.
    • High precision micromachining.
    • Feasibility studies for high precision workpieces.

    SITEC Laboratory for Laser Application

    • Laser welding.
    • Laser cutting.
    • Laser cladding.
    • Laser based heat treatments.
    • Laser surface texturization.
    • High precision micro-laser welding and cutting.
    • Laser process monitoring.

    WJ Lab - Waterjet Laboratory

    • Special cutting heads design and test.
    • Waterjet process customization.
    • Cutting parameters optimization.
    • WJ process monitoring.
    • High precision pure and abrasive waterjet cutting.

    Geometrical Metrology Lab

    • Optical 3D micro-measurements.
    • Dimensional and geometrical calibrations.
    • CMM inspection planning.
    • CMM performance verification.
    • Statistical data analysis.

    Manufacturing Systems Lab

    • Analysis, performance evaluation and design of manufacturing systems.
    • Production planning and scheduling under uncertainty.
    • Process planning and machine tool simulation.

    Conventional Processes

    • Dynamic behavior analysis of tool and machine tool.
    • Process monitoring and optimization.
    • Cutting tools test and analysis.
    • Cutting strategy analysis.
    • Sheet metal forming process analysis and optimization.
    • Tube forming process analysis and optimization.

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