Smart systems for noise and vibration control and robotics
Bovisa Campus, Building B23
via La Masa, 1 20156 Milano - Italy


The Mechatronics and Smart Structures Lab (M&SSlab) focuses on mechatronics applications ranging from domotics to industrial robotics. Particular emphasis is given to the integrated design of smart systems for noise and vibration control that couple micro-sensors, energy harvesting devices, miniaturised actuators and innovative control architectures. Thus, the approach needs to be multidisciplinary: combining a thorough understanding of the system, a deep knowledge of edge-cutting sensor and actuator technologies and a comprehensive experience of state-of-the-art control algorithms allows the design of groundbreaking devices and systems.
The laboratory is equipped with all the mechanical and electronic instrumentation necessary to design and test the developed devices: shakers, an impedance tube for the testing of noise propagation and the design of noise suppression algorithms, rapid prototyping boards that allow the immediate implementation of Matlab/Simulink® and LabView® codes... Also small scale test benches reproducing different control challenges (from maglev to fluid flow) are available to immediately test developed strategies. As far as robotics is concerned, high precision redundant architectures (closed loop parallel kinematic chains as well as cooperating robots) have been analysed, designed and tested together with “soft” systems, combining active, adaptive, self-optimising, portable plug-and-produce components with advanced sensing and actuating functionalities, in which the deformability of both joints and links is used for improving HRI (human robot interaction) at the cost of more complex control algorithms for compensating vibrations and positioning errors.