Analytical equipment, processing and mechanical testing systems aimed at investigating materials
Bovisa Campus, Building B13
via La Masa, 34 20156 Milano - Italy


The laboratory is equipped with analytical instruments and testing devices for the following investigations:

  • Microstructure and failure analysis. Optical and electron Microscopes, hardness and micro-hardness testers and the full range of equipment needed for metallographic sample preparation.
  • Physico-chemical bulk and surface analyses. Thermal analyses for phase transformations, bulk chemical analyses and in depth concentration profiles, pin-on-disk tribometer, scratch tester, instrumented micro- hardness testers for the characterization of bulk and surface layers of metals. 
  • Process metallurgy. Simulation and experimental investigations of metallurgical processes by: setof muffle furnaces that can be operated up to 1200°C in ambient or inert atmosphere, melting resistance furnace for the production of small amounts of experimental alloys, laboratory rolling mill and extrusion systems as well as a hot compression/tension testing devices for hot working process optimization.


Tenaris Dalmine, Siemens, Scuderia Toro Rosso, Brembo, SMS-INNSE

Instrumentation & Facilities

  • Zeiss EVO 50XVP Scanning Electron Microscope withX-ray EDS microanalysis and Electron ackscattered Diffraction System.
  • Setaram DSC / GTA thermal analysis system equipped with furnace and rods for temperature cycles of up to 800 and 1600°C.
  • Horiba Jobin-Yvon GDP2 glow discharge optical, emission spectrometer.
  • CSM pin-on-disk tribometer.
  • CSM Microindenter instrumented microhardness (loads from 0,01 to 10 N) and scratch tester (load range 0.3 - 30 N).
  • Nabertherm melting furnace (temperature up to 1700°C).
  • Carbolite tube furnace (temperature of up to 1200°C, in ambient or inert atmospheres).
  • OAM rolling mill (symmetric and asymmetric operation mode, rolls of 150 mm diameter; speed: 0-20 rpm continuously adjustable).


Microstructure and failure analysis

  • Microstructure analysis by optical and scannin electron microscopy.
  • Quality control & failure analysis. 

Physico-chemical bulk and surface analyses

  • Thermal analysis for phase transformation, melting temperatures of alloys.
  • Chemical concentration profiles by GDOES on coatings and surface treatments.
  • Adhesion of coatings by scratch test.
  • Wear properties by pin on disk testing.
  • Thermal treatment simulations in inert or controlled athmosphere.

Process metallurgy

  • Simulaiton of metallurgical processes.
  • Laboratory casting of metallic alloys.
  • Rolling of metals at room and high temperatures.
  • Hot extrusion of small-size profiles of Aluminium, Magnesium or Titanium alloys.
  • High-temperature compression tests to optimize hot working conditions.
  • High temperature creep and slow-strain rate testing.

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