Static and dynamic tests on real components or structures
Bovisa Campus, Building B23
via La Masa, 1 20156 Milano - Italy


The laboratory is equipped with multi-range servo- hydraulic actuators and others facilities to perform tests on full-scale components and structures. The equipment includes servo-controllers, load cells, electrodynamic shakers, modular constraint systems, various transducers (pressure, temperature, displace- ment, acceleration, strain, etc.), with dedicated signal conditioners and acquiring systems. 


The laboratory is compliant with AgustaWestland quality standard requirements.


AgustaWestland, Cifa, ENI, Pirelli, Ferrari

Instrumentation & Facilities

Special set-ups for full-scale component testing:

  • Servo-hydraulic actuators (max force 1000 kN).
  • Electrodynamic shakers (max force 25 kN).
  • Controllers for servo-hydraulic actuators: single and multichannel (MTS 407, MTS Flex Test IIm, MTS Aero GT, MTS Flex Test SE, etc.).
  • Constraint systems with treaded holes or grooves and steel beams to built customized frames for full-scale tests.

Other equipment and devices: 

  • Load cells.
  • Displacement transducers.
  • Rotation transducers.
  • Pressure and temperature transducers.
  • Accelerometers.
  • Systems for data analysis.
  • Systems for stain measurements.


Single and multi-actuator tests on mechanical components and large-scale structures 

  • Fatigue tests to define the life of a component.
  • Application of a load spectrum to simulate a real stress condition.
  • Static and dynamic tests to verify the integrity of components and large-scale structures subjected to the real operating conditions.
  • Detection and monitoring of crack propagation during a fatigue test (non-destructive methods, microscope, crack gauges, etc.).
  • Determination of the influence of several technological parameters on the fatigue resistance.

Fatigue tests for biomedical applications

  • Static and fatigue tests to verify the resistance of limb prosthesis.
  • Performance optimization of leg prosthesis for sportive applications.

Dynamical characterization of components

  • Tests to analyze the dynamical behavior (frequency response, mechanical impedance, fatigue resistance, etc.) of components and systems using electromechanical shakers.
  • Development of control systems for damping of vibrations on “Smart structures”.

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