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Andrea Gruttadauria graduated from Politecnico di Milano in 2006 in Aerospace Engineering and received his master degree in Materials Engineering in 2008. He received in 2012 the title of Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Systems Engineering with a thesis about the production and characterization of metal sponges. Since November 2011 he is Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. Since 2012 he is holder of the course "Metallurgy and non-metallic materials" for the first year of Mechanical Engineering and since 2014 of the course "Metallurgical Technologies" for the third year of Materials Engineering. His research activities focus on solidification processes (casting and welding), hot and cold plastic deformation and the heat treatment of iron and aluminum based alloy. He also deals with the metallographic and mechanical characterization and phase transformations as a result of thermal and mechanical treatments. He is interested of degradation mechanisms (brittleness, corrosion and fatigue) that may result in failure of the metal components. Since 2008 he is partner of the Italian Association of Metallurgy with whom he worked as a teacher for refresher courses on metallurgiacal processes and systems.