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Marcella Netti

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Marco Tarabini was born in Lecco (Italy) on June 2, 1978; he obtained the master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and the PhD cum laude in Engineering of Mechanical systems at Politecnico di Milano.  Dr. Tarabini research focuses on the study of the response of the human body to vibration, on algorithms for detection of faults in mechanical systems, on the study of measurement uncertainty in industrial applications and on the design of measurement instruments to be used in harsh environments. Dr. Tarabini coordinated 2 projects funded by Lombardy region and one by the EU (within the Interreg framework) focused on technology transfer versus small and medium enterprises. He coordinated 2 projects funded by Lombardy region and by INAIL on the study of the response of human body to vibration. Dr. Tarabini has authored a book chapter, more than 40 scientific works published in peer-reviewed journals and more than 70 papers published in conference proceedings. He is a member of the editorial board of 2 scientific Journals, of the steering committee of the Lecco Metal district and director of the PoliLINK@Lecco service.