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Secretary's Office of the RL Dynamics and Vibrations
Simona Pozzali
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Roberto Corradi is full professor of Applied Mechanics at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Politecnico di Milano, currently teaching Mechanical System Dynamics and Noise and Vibration Engineering at Master’s level. He is the head of the Mechanical Systems research line, member of the Department Scientific Committee and faculty member of the PhD Programme in Mechanical Engineering. He graduated cum laude in Mechanical Engineering in 1995 and received a PhD in Applied Mechanics in 2001, both at Politecnico di Milano. After his PhD he continued his research at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, where he obtained the position of associate professor in 2005 and of full professor in 2018. His research activity is mainly carried out in the field of vibroacoustics, rail vehicle dynamics and control, rail and road vehicle aerodynamics, tyre noise, train-track interaction and railway noise. He is the coordinator of PSVL (Polimi Sound and Vibration Laboratory), the reference interdepartmental research structure of Politecnico di Milano in the area of vibroacoustics, applied acoustics and sound processing. He has been principal investigator for Politecnico di Milano of two EC funded projects and of several research projects funded by industrial companies and transport operators. His research activity has resulted in more than 100 scientific papers.