Our presence and success on the competitive ‘research market’ is also
 based on scientific visibility and a solid international presence. The full-time researchers and academic staff are committed to a high level of scientific production with the publication of papers in ISI or Scopus journals (a total of 377
in the past four years) and widespread participation at international conferences (a total of 915 papers have been presented over the past four years). Furthermore, over the past four years, 17 international and 20 national patents have been filed by members of the department. In addition to publishing, departmental staff sit on the board of 13 international journals and scientific societies. Between 2009-2010, the full-time staff received as many as 12 international awards for scientific activity. Particular emphasis is placed on the scientific output of young researchers: since 2005, special awards have been yearly given to the top researchers, i.e. those boasting the highest number of publications.