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Master of Science

The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering prepares professionals who are capable of independently develop projects related to product or process innovation, both in the industry and service sectors.

The wide range of tasks and duties required of a mechanical engineer involve a preparation of core subjects provided by an in-depth scientific approach; additionally a broad overview of technical applications is provided to help gain immediate employment. In particular, the aim is to prepare and develop graduates’ ability to design, build, implement and optimise the use of products or plants and machinery, their actuation mechanisms and related services. Thanks to this approach, particular attention is focused on technical preparation in all areas of mechanical engineering and mechanics which, thanks to thorough grounding, allows for rapid adaptation to various business needs. Together with Bachelor of Science graduates, Master of Science graduates share in-depth preparation which encourages a well-balanced curriculum of practical and theoretical training and, as a consequence, the ability to confront real-world technological issues as engineering professionals. Master of Science graduates differ from Bachelor of Science graduates due to a greater ability to innovate and apply complex models to manage, service, design and improve upon existing as well as new products or processes.

The Master of Science qualification provides access to PhD courses, second level Specialisation and second level University Master Programmes.

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