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How to cooperate with the Department of Mechanical Engineering

To the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano both the investments in its experimental laboratories and parallel cooperation with the industrial, manufacturing and services sectors are important. In fact, the laboratories of the Department are equipped with technologically advanced instrumentation being able to carry out state-of-the-art researches in their relative fields. The high-skilled staff involved both in basic and subsidised research was able to reach in many cases patentable results. At present, the Department of Mechanical Engineering may boast 20 patents for its inventions (further details are available at the following link).

With its high scientific and technological expertise, in accordance with the institutional goals of the Politecnico di Milano and its rules, the Department of Mechanical Engineering is able to carry out many activities for public and private companies, both for small businesses and big national and multinational companies.

These partnerships may be carried out with the following forms of contract:

  • Services contracts: They are used to carry out analyses (also numerical), controls, tests, calibration tests, scientific performances through technical certifications or reports showing the relative results. These activities may be carried out following specific standards or developed on purpose depending on the required specifications. They can be small projects or more complex activities requiring specific instrumentation;
  • Research contracts: They are used to carry out planned research activities or critical investigations to learn novel knowledge in the scientific and technical field. This form of contract is characterised by its experimental activities as well as the scientific contribution given by the research. The obtained results may be sent to the customer along with written reports or through the invitation to periodical meetings. According to this form of contract, a part of the amount due (max. 50%) may be destined to temporary research contracts in accordance with Law n. 240, 12.30.2010, art. 22, par. 4, let. B;
  • Consultancy contract: It is used to carry out research activities or on-going projects with the customer, suggestions and advice on technical and scientific issues provided by the research staff of the Department that is committed at a high-level in specific scientific sectors;
  • Teaching contract: It is used to carry out specific Courses and Seminars for professional qualification and updating both at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and at the companies’ venue.

Finally, the cooperation between the Department of Mechanical Engineering and public or private companies may be carried out through the participation (as a partnership) to projects subsidised by public bodies at a regional, national and international level. In this case, research areas, participation rules and forms of subsidisation will be determined by public calls. Instead, as for research activities requiring the need to protect the company’s intellectual property there are a series of arrangements of confidentiality to be preliminarily agreed with.

For further information please contact:
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