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Dynamis PRC ranks fourth in Varano and showcases at the exhibition hosted by the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo

After the break due to pandemics, the Dynamis PRC Team is back in the race and, this time, with its first electric prototype. The team raced in the latest Italian edition of Formula SAE held in Varano de' Melegari, Parma.

The event, organized in compliance with the Covid-19 restrictions, was a blended one. The static tests, such as Business Plan Presentation, Cost Event and Design Event, were held online while dynamic tests were held on-site, provided that only a limited number of members – for a maximum of 8 people - for each competing team did join.

Politecnico di Milano has always been a front runner in this competition. In fact, Team Dynamis PRC took first place with the DP11 prototype competing in the COMBUSTION category in 2019.

Despite having started developing a full-electric car prototype just one year ago, Dynamis PRC finished the race as the best Italian team, conquering the fourth place in the Overall Electric ranking. Extremely satisfying were the results of the static tests, where our prototype triumphed in the Business Plan Presentation category and won the bronze medal in the Cost Event category. "To be honest, we are also very proud of what we have accomplished in the dynamic tests" - explained the team leader Alberto Testa. "In the endurance race, the final one, we not only crossed the finish line but we also kept a good race pace".

Moreover, the list of rewards does not end here. Our PoliMi students’ hard work paid off since they also won two of the four "Sponsor Awards".

  • GEICO TAIKISHA Top Coating Award, having raced with the vehicle with the best coating in terms of design, materials and finish.
  • TEORESI Best Electronics Development Process: Innovative Controls, Methods and Architecture Award, having developed the most innovative design of the electric system of the vehicle.

Happy for the obtained results and aware of having what it takes to achieve even better ones, the Dynamis PRC team is already working to design and develop a new prototype for the upcoming season: DP13e.

In fact, this 2021-22 Season has already started in the best way possible, marked by the beginning of a new collaboration between the team and the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo. An absolute first.

The Museo Storico Alfa Romeo has decided to host a temporary exhibition at the museum (Arese) to explore and witness the local reality. A territory that in less than twenty years developed and flourished so much to achieve very important results, like the creation of the Dynamis PRC team, one of the "racing teams" of Politecnico di Milano. The team, made of students attending diverse programmes, since 2004 has built 14 single-seater cars and raced 31 times in 7 different countries. The exhibition, where the prototypes 574 BT (2006), DP7 (2015), DP9 (2017) and DP11 (2019) are displayed, shows how the team evolved over time, growing from the 12 founding members to the current over 100 members. A team that can take care of every aspect of the project and that also achieved excellent results, both at national and international level.

The opening of the temporary exhibition, lasting 6 months, occurred on October 22nd, 2021.