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Prof. Andrea Gruttadauria

Phone: +39.02.2399.8677

Secretary's Office of the RL Materials
Cinzia Farina
Phone: +39.02.2399.8283

Personal page on the University website

Andrea Gruttadauria received the PhD in Mechanical Systems Engineering in 2012 with a thesis on the production and characterization of metal sponges. Since January 2022 he has been employed as Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanics of the Politecnico di Milano and is the holder of the master's degree course "Solidification and welding metallurgy" and of the course "Metallurgical technologies" for the third year of Materials Engineering.
His research activity focuses on technological processes (casting, deformation, welding and heat treatments) and on the relationship between process parameters and components properties. He therefore deals with the physical and chemical characterization of metal alloys, their behavior during working condition and the degradation mechanisms that can lead to failure in operation (fracture, corrosion and fatigue).
His experience focuses on phase transformations and on microstructural evolution in the solid state following thermal and mechanical treatments (conventional and non-conventional) of iron, titanium, nickel and aluminum based alloys.

Thesis Proposals

Thesis MAT 001/2021 - Controllo delle cricche mediante analisi di risonanza su componenti sinterizzati per il settore automotive (con stage aziendale) - Prof. Silvia Barella, Prof. Andrea Gruttadauria