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Prof. Diego Scaccabarozzi

Phone: +39.02.2399.8810

Secretary's Office of the RL Measurements
Yixin Chen
Phone: +39.02.2399.8406

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Diego Scaccabarozzi (MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Polytechnic of Milan, 2006; PhD in Mechanical Systems Engineering, Polytechnic of Milan, 2010) is an associate professor (ING-IND / 12) at the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Polytechnic of Milan.

He published over one hundred scientific publications, half of which were published in international journals with referees and the others presented at national and international conferences. He has been supervisor or co-supervisor of over fifty theses and has been responsible for research contracts concerning mechanical and thermal measurements.

The research activity is focused on the design and development of instrumentation for spatial applications and the metrological, mechanical, and thermal characterization of these instruments. In this regard, the development of PFS (Planetary Fourier Spectrometer, Mars Express mission, ESA), MIMA (Martian Infrared MApper, ExoMars ESA mission), TIMM (Thermal Infrared Multispectral Mappers), MicroMIMA (Micro Martian Infrared Mapper), and RIIFS ( Rugged imaging Infrared Fourier Spectrometer for planetary applications), spectrometers operating in the near/mid infrared range. He has been co-investigator of research projects for the development of microbalances for thermogravimetric analysis and the measurement of molecular contamination (CAM-Contamination Assessment Microbalance and CAMLAB projects) and is responsible for the thermomechanical design of the VISTA instrument (Volatile In Situ Thermogravimeter Analyzer), microbalance developed for the ESA Hera 2023 mission. He was also co-investigator for the MicroMED project (Micro MEDusa), a particle analyzer for the analysis of the Martian atmosphere, developed and built for the ESA / Roscosmos ExoMars 2022 mission.

He has carried out research activities concerning the measurement and reduction of hand-arm and whole-body vibrations, metrological characterization of measuring instruments and development of measurement systems for mechanical and thermal quantities for industrial applications, and reduction of uncertainty in the measurement of characteristics. thermal and mechanical components and materials for space applications.