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Prof. Stefano Melzi

Phone: +39.02.2399.8458

Secretary's Office of the RL Dynamics and Vibrations
Daniela Gosman
Phone: +39.02.2399.8672
Simona Pozzali
Phone: +39.02.2399.8494

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Stefano Melzi graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1999 and earned the Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics in 2003. In 2001 he became Assitant Professor at Politecnico di Milano, Mechanical Engineering Department. Since 2014 he is Associate Professor. He is currently tenured professor of the course of Vehicle Mechanics for Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and tenured professor of Fundamentals of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics for the Bachelor Degree in Energy Engineering. Research activity is associated in general with dynamics of mechanical systems and, in particular, on the dynamics of ground vehicles, including also racing vehicles. As far as automotive research is concerned, the work is devoted to the modelling and testing of heavy vehicles and passenger cars and their components, with particular focus on tires. Active control systems and driving assist systems (ADAS) are also part of the research activity. In recent years a cooperation with a tire manufacturer led to the development of smart tires, innovative measuring devices allowing further improvements of active safety controls. Considering now the dynamics of railway vehicles, research is focused on the running safety of freight trains especially on the effects of train-set composition, side buffers response and load and brake power distribution. Research is carried out both from a numerical and experimental point of view. Studies on the pantograph-catenary interaction were also carried out, investigating the wear of both contact strip and contact wire. Altogether the research activity resulted in about 100 scientific publications at international level.

Thesis Proposals

Thesis SYS 001/2024 - Smart tyres: development of algorithms for the identification of soft soil - Prof. Stefano Melzi, Prof. Edoardo Sabbioni