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Advanced Materials

The research group activities on advanced materials focus on the design of new alloys for peculiar applications with specific performances and functions. Smart materials fall precisely in this category thanks to their ability to fulfil particular functions by reacting to stimuli from the environment. Here listed, among others, some of them: shape memory alloys, thermoelectric materials, Phase Change Materials (PCM) for heat harvesting and management, high-entropy alloys, magnetostrictive/piezoelectric ceramics, self-healing materials, advanced composites, 3D reticular structures.

Covered through many projects in which the research group is involved, one recent topic is the synthesis of new alloys for additive manufacturing. Even though these technologies are now facing a massive development, high-performing materials easy to process are still lacking.

It is also important to remember that developing new materials and improving existing ones involves not only bulk materials but also surfaces, especially in terms of coatings. Many research activities are carried out on this topic, especially about wear behaviour, corrosion and fatigue resistance of the surface layers, as they play a major role in improving the performance of the components in service.