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HL4IT Project: Exploring Human Interaction with Level 4 Automated Vehicles in an Italian Environment

Interaction of Humans with Level 4 automated vehicles in an Italian environment (HL4IT) is one of the @DMECpolimi projects winner of the PRIN call. HL4IT aims at the deployment of automated mobility in Italy. Level 4 (L4 -High Driving Automation) automated vehicles are considered, manufacturers are now bringing L3 vehicles (Conditional Driving Automation) to the consumer market.

HL4IT aims at serving the scientific community and Regulatory Bodies with innovative psychophysiological characterization of drivers considering both the L4 vehicle and a specific environment such as the Italian one to deploy automated mobility.

In order to achieve the above objectives, the following activities will be completed: analysis/execution of tests with at least 30 participants by means of the DriSMi driving simulator, an innovative cable-driven DiM400 dynamic Driving Simulator installed at the Bovisa site of the Politecnico di Milano. Tests will benefit by a wide range of sensors available at driving simulator, including Eye Tracking, Electroencephalography, Electromyography, Electrocardiogram, Skin Conductance and a unique Instrumented Steering Wheel. The selection of ODDs in typical Italian environments will allow the introduction of the effect of disturbance during the take-over (handover) maneuvers. All the tests will be performed at the DriSMi driving simulator for evaluating the subject acceptance, cognitive workload, attention, maneuver efficiency after handover/takeover.

The main results will be the characterization of drivers in terms of psychophysiological driving attitude. This allows for a better understanding of the prediction of how subjects interact with L4 vehicles during handover/takeover maneuvers in an Italian environment. Moreover, the definition of KPIs for handover/takeover maneuvers, the identification of three typical Italian scenarios and related ODDs and the implementation of L4 vehicle controls suited for Italian environment, the identification of specific driving simulator test procedures for deploying automated mobility will be performed. Guidelines for the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure & Mobility to deploy automated mobility will be formulated.

The project is coordinated by DMEC (PI M. Gobbi), Politecnico di Milano Research Unit WP leaders are M. Gobbi (DMEC), G. Mastinu (DMEC) and M.G. Signorini (DEIB), Libera Università "Vita Salute S.Raffaele" Research Unit is coordinated by A. Fossati. The research Teams is composed by M. Gobbi, G. Mastinu, G. Previati, E. Sabbioni, Research Fellow (DMEC), M.G. Signorini, Research Fellow (DEIB), A. Fossati, A. Somma, A. Galbiati, Research Fellow ("Vita Salute S.Raffaele").