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Kickoff meeting for H2020 project DigiPrime

MeccPolimi has recently hosted the kickoff meeting of the Horizon 2020 DigiPrime project “Digital Platform for Circular Economy in Cross-Sectorial Sustainable Value”, coordinated by Prof. Marcello Colledani. The project, which involves 36 partners, with circa 16 million euro of European funding, has the goal to develop and demonstrate the impact of a digital platform for sharing information among industries, with a cross-sectorial view, thus enabling new circular economy business models in different supply chains.

A number of sectors will be linked through six demonstrating pilots, including Lithium-Ion batteries, composite materials and techno-polymers, electronic and mechatronic components and textile products. Moreover, the project will manage two further calls, open to new stakeholders outside the DigiPrime initial consortium, to test and enrich the platform, with the “cascade funding” mechanism, namely direct financing managed by the project itself.

MeccPolimi will play a central role in the project, not only as project coordinator: the CIRC-eV inter-departmental laboratory, recently launched at Politecnico di Milano, will be one of the key infrastructures to develop and test the ICT solutions related to the e-mobility Lithium-Ion batteries recovery pilot. Moreover, DigiPrime has a direct link with the H2020 FiberEUse project “Large Scale Demonstration of New Circular Economy Value-Chains Based on the Reuse of End-of-Life Fiber Reinforced Composites”, coordinated by MeccPolimi Prof. Marcello Colledani.